Can MyFreeMP3 be used free of charge?

Yes, FreeMP3Download is absolutely free. We finance our infrastructure through advertising so you don't have to pay for our service. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to show more ads than is comfortable. If the ads bother you, install our web application by simply clicking the "Add to Home Screen" button on your phone.

Why am I not getting any results for my search?

If our search does not provide you with any results, there may be several reasons.

  1. Check your internet connection by simply reloading the page. If it is then displayed normally, then everything is fine with your internet connection.
  2. Some terms are unknown to our search engine, refine your search term and try again.
  3. If no solution works, it is probably due to our servers. If this is the case, just try again later, we have complex checking mechanisms that constantly check our search and notify us immediately if something doesn't work. We will therefore work at full speed to eliminate the error.

Why does the download hang with status "starting"?

Sometimes our servers are overloaded and the process takes a long time. We are informed of any disruption and will work immediately to adjust our performance to provide you with your download. It's best to try again later.

Can I also download mp3 files with my Apple device?

Unfortunately it is not possible to download mp3 files directly to your Apple device. However, we've added the ability to download your song to your Dropbox for exactly that reason. From there you can simply play the music on your Apple device.

How can I turn off the push notifications?

You can easily turn off the push notifications by clicking on the lock icon in the addressbar. A menu will open in which you can deactivate the slider next to the "Notifications" item with one click.

How can I upload my music?

Just visit our upload page, there you can enter the details of your music and send us the song. You will be notified as soon as we have published it. Update: We are currently working on an upload filter that will check the music before we receive it, which will lengthen the publishing process.

Why can't I find the song that was there a while ago?

Sometimes it happens that users upload songs that do not belong to them. We are working to remove them as soon as possible. The song was probably one of them. If you also find songs that might even belong to them and you don't want them to be found on our platform, visit our Copyright page and send us a removal request.

Files are secured by two of the best security systems. We use McAfee Secure and Norton by Symantec to make sure all downloads are protected.

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