My search returned no results
In this case you have to check your spell, use only Artist Name or Song Name in your search, if this is not the problem, please contact us to check and resolve the problem.

I would like to upload my music to FreeMP3Download .
It is not possible to upload any files to freemp3download.org, our website is using different API's to search for songs and other external music sources and cannot add any internal mp3 files, we do not host files on our servers.

I found my song but i need to go to another website to download the .mp3
Yes, this is true, we offer you download links to external websites where you can download your file fast and easy, we are not affiliated with those external websites.

In future you will offer direct downloads?
No, because we don't host any mp3 files on our server.

What is the quality of the mp3 files?
We try to offer you links to mp3 with a bitrate at least 192kbps. Anyway 90% of our sources offers 320kbps for mp3 songs.

If i have another question what can I do ?
You can contact us any time if you think you have an issue to report or an idea to implement in our website.